Affirming our Inclusive Care

November 2, 2023

Dear LMU Community,

In the midst of the challenges that confront our world today, we find ourselves navigating complex issues that shake the core of our humanity. The tragedies unfolding across the globe that have resulted in the loss of Israeli and Palestinian lives, to the exodus of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, to the ongoing warfare in Ukraine, and to the physical and political conflicts elsewhere, underscore the value of our interconnectedness and our yearning for peace. Many of us have had conversations about the rise in documented cases of antisemitic, Islamophobic, and other discriminatory acts on college campuses across the country. None of these should ever happen at any place of learning and scholarship.

Earlier this week, the federal government announced initiatives to combat antisemitism and Islamophobia on college campuses. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is updating its discrimination complaint process and expediting investigations, while the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security will assign advisors to assist schools with cyber threats and expand support for impacted communities.

LMU’s commitment to the dignity of all individuals is steadfast, and we reject all expressions of bias, violence, racism, and xenophobia as they stand in direct opposition to LMU’s values, mission, and policies. If you experience or witness discriminatory harassment or feel threatened or unsafe, please report your concerns to Public Safety, which works closely with the Bias Incident Response Team. We also provide a range of resources and services to support your well-being.

I am inspired by our community coming together in ways meaningful to demonstrate cura personalis, and I thank our faculty colleagues, student development professionals, and campus ministers for their leadership, support, and care for our students during these tumultuous times. I note particularly, and with admiration, the patience and collegiality demonstrated by students, one to another, continually, in support of each other, no matter their backgrounds, origins, beliefs, or politics. I continue to have faith that our collective strength, compassion, and resilience will guide us through these challenges.

In solidarity with our Jewish, Muslim, and other community members with ties to the impacted areas, please know that my love and prayers for you and your families are constant.

With hope for a brighter tomorrow,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.