Letter to the LMU Community: Rev. Robert Walsh, S.J., Named Chancellor

Message from the President
Dec. 6, 2017

Dear LMU Community,

I am pleased to announce that Rev. Robert Walsh, S.J., has been appointed as the next chancellor of Loyola Marymount University. He will succeed Rev. Patrick Cahalan, S.J., who will become chancellor emeritus, on June 1, 2018.

We are fortunate to have Father Walsh and Father Cahalan serving our LMU community as advocates for Jesuit and Catholic education. I am confident Father Walsh will build upon the foundational work of Father Cahalan in promoting our distinctive mission as a Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount university.

Father Cahalan’s impactful tenure as chancellor began on Sept. 15, 2002. His devoted leadership has helped transform our university. He joined LMU in March of 1997 as associate chancellor. He has served on the Board of Trustees of Loyola High School of Los Angeles, Santa Clara University, and the California Province of the Society of Jesus. He served on the Board of Directors of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association and the Karl Kirchgessner Foundation. He was a member of the advisory boards of the Century Council and the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery; he was also a member of the Investment Committee of the California Province of the Society of Jesus.

From 1967 to 1969, Father Cahalan was assistant dean of students of Loyola University of Los Angeles. In 1969 he was named president and rector of Loyola High School of Los Angeles. From 1975 to 1981, he was executive vice president of Loyola High School; and from 1981 to 1996, he was president and treasurer of Loyola High School. A testament to Father Cahalan’s enduring contributions from his 27-year tenure, the Loyola High School Alumni Association of Los Angeles instituted The Cahalan Award in 2002, presented annually to outstanding alumni who embody the spirit of the magis. Father Cahalan is a recipient of the Medallion of Merit, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Los Angeles; the St. Ignatius Loyola Medallion, Loyola High School of Los Angeles; The Cahalan Award, Loyola High School Alumni Association; and Santa Claran of the Year, Santa Clara University Alumni Association, Los Angeles Chapter.

An exemplar of St. Ignatius’ magis, Father Walsh joined LMU on July 8, 2013 as executive director for the Center for Catholic Education. With more than 30 years of leadership experience in Jesuit high schools in California, including tenures as president, principal, assistant principal for teacher supervision and curriculum, and assistant principal for campus ministry, Father Walsh is a champion of all the values we hold dear at LMU.

Father Walsh served as principal and president of Loyola High School in Los Angeles from June 1992 through June 2005, respectively, and as president for St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco from

July 2006 to June 2012. Father Walsh’s ties to LMU run deep. He attended Loyola University of Los Angeles in the 1970s; he is a former member of the LMU Board of Trustees, where he served on the Student Life, Governance, Development and Presidential Search committees; and he previously served on the LMU School of Education Advisory Board.

As executive director of the LMU Center for Catholic Education, Father Walsh has led the development and implementation of innovative programs in the areas of leadership development, teacher preparation, research, professional development and outreach. He serves on the board of the Catholic Education Foundation and several other education and nonprofit boards in the Los Angeles area.

That both these extraordinary individuals have come to LMU from Loyola High School of Los Angeles is no coincidence. Their commitment to the intellectual rigor of Jesuit education coupled with their ministerial service help us fortify our reputation as a leader in Catholic higher education. We are indebted to Father Cahalan’s 15 years of wise counsel and guidance as our chancellor; and we warmly welcome Father Walsh to his new position and eagerly anticipate his contributions.

With sincere appreciation and thanks,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.