Our Core Values of Diversity and Inclusion

Message from the President
November 13, 2015
Dear LMU Community,
The events of this past week provide a powerful reminder of the
importance of a national dialogue concerning diversity and inclusion on
college campuses. I am so proud that our own ASLMU has added their
voice to the conversation
in a letter to students
. I applaud their efforts
and write to address you about a core value of our university:
fostering a community where diversity, inclusion, respect, and open
dialogue are at the center of everything we do.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak
with a class of first
students, where we explored the responsibilities of universities to
make the educational environment open to and supportive of all.
Racially biased incidents have no place in our community. Whether
they are as small as a defaced
sign or as hurtful as an epithet yelled at
a student, these actions profoundly hurt us all.
Our students’ safety is a highest priority. Any incident that takes away
from their sense of physical or emotional security must be addressed
promptly and effective
ly. At LMU, we have developed an infrastructure
of care and concern that affords students, faculty, and staff a way to
redress grievances or right an injustice. Among the services available

Public Safety

Ethnic and Intercultural Services

Office of Intercultural Affairs

Student Psychological Services

Campus Ministry

Student Affairs Dean’s Office

In addition, the
Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT)
, a committee of
level administrators, takes action on any and ever
y incident
brought to them, and the
Ethics Reporting Line
, a confidential
reporting tool, supports LMU's commitment to integrity.
Systematic oppression is difficult to uncover and eve
n more difficult to
eliminate. That is why we need to talk with each other, learn from
each other, and grow together. Progress is founded on healthy
engagement, even disagreement, and the compromise that results.
I have a deep and abiding confidence in eac
h of you to respect one
another. We are guided by our Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount
traditions of discernment, action, and seeing God in all those we
encounter. We do not always get it right, but in the spirit of the
we always strive to do better. Service of faith and the promotion of
justice are who we are at LMU

in our hearts, our minds, and our
With sincere appreciation and thanks for the important work we will
continue to do together,
thy Law Snyder, Ph.D.