We Stand with Our Dreamers

Message from the President
September 5, 2017

Dear LMU Community:

Earlier today, President Donald J. Trump's administration announced an executive order rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy established in 2012. I disagree with this action, and add my voice to legion university, civic, business, and elected leaders who oppose it. Though there is fear, anxiety, and uncertainty within our community, our core values and commitments remain unchanged: LMU stands unequivocally in support of all our students. We renew our resolve to protect our undocumented students to the fullest extent of the law.

In my April 2017 letter, "We Stand for Our Students," I detailed steps we have taken to safeguard our community members, and I restated our enduring commitments. Last week, I joined leaders across the country by signing the "We Are With Dreamers" statement and in assuring Dreamers that "we see you, we value you, and we are ready to defend you." I have also spoken with news media and tweeted support. I will continue to advocate that our elected leaders and Congress address, swiftly and permanently, solutions that restore, preserve, and extend pathways for our Dreamers.

Our undocumented students connect our community to our global society, and they imagine a world where the promise of an LMU education overcomes barriers, creating a better life for those here and for those to come. Since the advent of DACA, we have experienced its profound benefits for our students and its positive impacts on our university and our nation. Dreamers on our campus have been and are exemplary scholars and leaders. Thanks to DACA, these students and alumni have pursued opportunities in business, education, tech, and nonprofit sectors. They contribute actively to our communities and they strengthen our economy. They represent what is best about America, and they are essential to our future.

Our Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount identity offers a solid foundation from which we can confront any adversity or challenge to inclusive educational excellence. We will continue to advocate publicly for our undocumented students, who enrich the diversity of experiences and insights shared by all of us. We remain devoted to upholding the dignity of every person, to advocating tirelessly for the common good in our world, and to promoting a living faith that champions justice for all.

We stand in solidarity—firmly—with our Dreamers.

With sincere appreciation and thanks,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.