Zero Tolerance for Racism

September 11, 2021

Dear LMU Community:

Earlier this morning, our community received a notification from LMU’s Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) concerning reports of a bias incident against Black community members on our Westchester Campus. Many members of our community have already shared their concern about the incident. I, too, am outraged and aggrieved by the initial reports, and I stand in action and solidarity with our Black Community. While I cannot comment on a pending investigation nor the specifics of confidential student conduct issues, LMU takes these matters seriously. Our investigators will act decisively and comprehensively to ensure we hold the appropriate individuals accountable; our Student Conduct Code provides for a range of possible outcomes, which may include suspension and expulsion, depending on their findings.

As we investigate this case and determine relevant facts, I reaffirm that there is no place for racism at LMU. We will not allow the repugnant acts of a few individuals to disrupt or derail the meaningful progress our community has made together.  

In terms of our initial response, I thank Chief Robbie Williams of Public Safety, BIRT members, our investigators, student development professionals, and other administrators for responding quickly. Our teams are providing direct support for all students involved, and we are in touch with Black student, faculty, and staff leadership, including PBLAC, BFSA, TLC, and the Umoja Alliance. 

Please know that the resources and services below are available to assist you:

Our core values and mission demand that our institution continuously works to become proactively anti-racist. God’s creation demonstrates a harmony built upon diversity, and we must continue calling out racism in every instance and intervene when we witness racist expressions. We will continue doing everything within our power to ensure that our Black community membersalong with all community membersremain safe and supported as we see this investigation through, and in all our works following it, with truth and justice as our guiding principles. 

In care, love, and solidarity,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.